Water Heater Repair and Replacement

While most water heaters have a lifespan of 8-12 years, at times they will need to be repaired. If you need water heater repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, call your local experts at 828-229-2727 to get your water hot again fast.

When to Call a Professional

Hot water Heater

When you need water heater repairs in Franklin, NC, call the experts at Andrews Auld!

Many water heater problems are considered “simple fixes”, and can be attempted yourself if you are comfortable with the repair process and have the time to complete the project. However, some repairs will require a technician.

If you smell gas coming from your water heater at any time, do not attempt repairs but call a repair technician immediately.

If your water heater is gushing water, or if your floor is flooded from the water heater, you will require a service professional to either repair or replace your heater.

When your hot water heater begins to make knocking or gurgling sound, your water heater most likely has sedimentary buildup and will need to be flushed.

When to Replace Your Water Heater

Most problems with your hot water heater are easily repaired by a skilled professional. Sometimes, though, a new heater will be required. If you have noticed these clues, you may be in need of water heater replacement in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC.

When your water heater begins to leak from the tank, it’s time for a replacement. There is no real fix for this problem. If you have been experiencing more and more repair issues with your water heater, or if it works erratically, you may need to replace your current heater.

When looking for a new water heater, consider the dimensions of the available space. Also, consider the capacity and recovery rate to make sure your heater is sufficient for your family. You may also consider installing a tankless water heater, which provides immediate and never ending hot water. Our experienced team of professionals will guide you through your new hot water heater replacement, and provide product and process information to help you make the best decisions possible for your home. Call us today at 828-229-2727 to set up your consultation.