Trenchless Water Line Repair

Is your water line malfunctioning? Is it clear that it needs professional repairs? Having water lines repaired can be an intimidating prospective project. You may worry about your yard and home, and whether they will be torn and the entire process an expensive mess. With Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc., you need not worry about it. Our professional plumbers can perform trenchless water line repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, with little disruption to your surroundings. Just call us at (828) 229-2727.

Bundles New Blue Water Pipes

Our Trenchless Water Line Repair Won’t Tear Up Your Yard.

The Process of Trenchless Water Line Repair

Trenchless repair involves repairing your water line without digging a large trench that disrupts the ground. Generally, this involves using a system of cables that go through the current pipe system in order to put in a new water line. This approach has the ability save homes and businesses from time consuming, destructive labor. We have everything necessary to get your water pipes repaired, or replaced without tearing your yard and concrete.

For one method, a pipe splitter is fed through the current pipe. This splitter, or cutting head, cuts the wall of the existing pipe as it moves through. As it does this, a pipe attached to the end of the splitter is pulled along through the old one. Finally, the new water pipe rests in the same position as the old one.

Your plumber may also employ another method by digging a hole at one end of your line. Then, a pneumatic drill digs through to the other end of the pipe. A water pipe is attached to a boring line and pulled through the hole. Once the line is in place, fittings are attached at either end.

Another method for trenchless water line repair is to put a new water pipe liner inside the current pipe. A thin liner is put through the existing line. When it is in position, it is expanded and pressed against the inner wall of the pipe with a “bladder.” After it sets, it is basically a new water pipe inside the old one, just slightly smaller.

You don’t have to destroy your yard or area around your building to have your water pipes repaired. Call Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc. at (828) 229-2727 for trenchless water line repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC.