Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Destroying your landscape to repair your pipelines is no longer necessary; your plumber does not have to dig and tear to get at the pipe that needs fixing. Instead, you can have the trenchless repair method, and pipe bursting. These methods allow the professional fixing your pipes to reach them without digging. At Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc., our plumbers perform trenchless pipe bursting in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC. Call us at (828) 229-2727 today to find out more.

New Grey PVC Pipes

Need New Pipe? Save Your Lawn with the Trenchless Pipe Bursting Repair Method.

The Basics of Pipe Bursting

The method of pipe bursting involves pulling a cone-shaped head through the pipeline with hydraulics and a steel cable. This breaks the old, underground pipe apart and pulls a new, seamless HDPE pipe along as it goes. The new pipe is the same size as the old one, or larger. To pull this through, two holes are dug at each end of the pipe run. The cable with the head is inserted at one place and pulled through to the other via a pneumatic jack. The new pipe attached to the bursting head is heat-fused; it can even break apart cast iron.

It Could Save Your Landscape

This method serves as a way to have your pipes repaired or replaced without worrying about damage to your lawn, or other areas around your property, which makes for a great value to many people. Replacing pipes without trenches means less damage; typical pipe repair means an excavation that will have to be repaired later, and that can be expensive. You save time, too, as pipe bursting does not typically take very long. The new pipe will be made of something stronger and more lasting–often HDPE. Overall, trenchless pipe bursting is one of the best methods for pipe repair or replacement.

To find out if trenchless pipe bursting is the best method for your needs, your professional will have to evaluate your pipe. This may involve the use of a camera–it will be run through your pipes–or other technology, like infrared. Your technician can evaluate your pipes and the extent of the damage, as well as the surrounding soil to determine what method of repair is best.

If you have damaged pipes and you want a better solution, call Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc. today at (828) 229-2727 and ask about trenchless pipe bursting in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC.