When To Replace Your Air Filters

As a homeowner, you certainly have a long list of responsibilities when it comes to caring for your home. Among those responsibilities, it can be easy to forget about your air filters, but these play an important role in not only the cleanliness of your home, but also the air quality. In fact, a dirty air filter can actually place a large amount of strain on your air conditioner’s function as well. Today we will discuss a few ways you can determine when your air filters need to be changed, according to your home and your lifestyle.

Every 90 Days

Air Filters

How Clean Are Your Air Filters?

In a best case scenario, every 90 days is a great rule of thumb. A best case scenario in air filter terms, is a house with no pets or children, no smokers, closed windows 24/7, and a consistent cleaning regimen. In these conditions, your air filters should function optimally for about 3 months.

Every 60 Days

If your home is free from pets and children, but you do enjoy having your windows open on a regular basis, 60 days is a better amount of time to aim for between filter changes. While screens should prevent insects and critters from finding their way in, pollen, dust, and dirt will still have the opportunity to circulate in your home, and get trapped in your filters.

Every 30 Days

If you are a smoker, or if you have pets or children, you’re going to want to change your filters as often as every month. Smoke can cling to clothes and furniture, as well as your air filter. Additionally, children and pets have a reputation for enjoying the outdoors, and often bring some of that outdoor back inside with them. Pets also release large amounts of hair and dander, which can lead to clogged filters.

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