Main Line Plumbing Repair

Water Main Leak

If you notice muddy spots in your yard with no rain, you probably have a water main leak.

We all dread the words “water main break”. While most of us aren’t sure what it means exactly, we have heard the horror stories of dug up lawns, thousand dollar repairs, and a mess that never seems to end. Your water main line repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC doesn’t have to be scary, expensive, or time-consuming when you call the experts at 828-229-2727. Our team can use non-invasive technology in many cases to prevent trenching and digging in your yard.


Main Line Plumbing Repair

Many times, damage to water main lines aren’t noticed until they have burst or sprung a serious leak. However, if you hear running water in your home when there is none running or notice a spike in your water bill, it may be a good idea to have your water main line checked. In most states, residents can call #311 for a free water main line inspection. If inspectors have checked for main leaks and found none, turn off all water in your home a take a look at your meter dials. If they are still moving, you have a leak inside your home. For this, you will need traditional plumbing repair.

Non-Invasive Main Line Repair

If it has been determined that you do in fact have a main line leak, our experts can provide a non-invasive repair option in many cases. First, a camera is used to decipher the exact location of the damage. Then, your expert team will decide which pipe replacement or repair technique will be the best option. One technique that can be used is running a line with a cutting head attached, through the damaged pipe, cutting it away. Then another pipe is attached to the line to feed the new pipe behind it. Another method is to use a boring tool pushed through the damaged pipe. Once the boring tool reaches the end, the new pipe is attached and pulled back through. If the damaged pipe is need of repairs only, many times a replacement liner can be installed into the pipe, sealing any damages.

Whether you are in need of water main line replacement or repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, call your experts at 828-229-2727 for minimal disturbance of your property and home.