Gas Leak Detection

The potential for a gas leak in your home is scary. Many homeowners have moments that make them pause and wonder if they smell gas, or wonder unnecessarily if they left the stove on. It’s a viable concern; home gas lines are some of the most useful, as well as most dangerous things in your home. Gas leaks have a number of potential causes, and so it is important to know the signs. If you need help with gas leak detection in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, call us at (828) 229-2727 immediately.

Painted Pipe with Yellow Tape Marked Gas

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Gas Leak Causes

Gas leaks are typically caused by aging, worn fittings that develop leaks in various places, including underground, in the walls, and at their connections to appliances. They may have other causes, such as bad ventilation and faulty appliances, or damage to local gas lines. But, the most important thing is that detected gas leaks should never be treated lightly. Some gas is potentially poisonous, as well as flammable. Even small gas leaks can cause an explosion.

Detecting Gas Leaks

Natural gas is used in many homes for many things–heating, cooking, etc. Though it is not poisonous, it can cause asphyxia, fire, and death. Each year there are incidents involving gas leaks that lead to the destruction of homes and worse. Because of these risks, gas sometimes has an odor added to it as a precaution to make it more detectable.

There are a few ways to recognize a possible gas leak in your home. The smell is said to resemble rotten eggs. If you hear hissing from pipes when the heater, stove, etc. are trying to run, or see fires near the lines, you should evacuate your home immediately. There are other signs of a gas leak, but they can sometimes be confused with other things, such as lightheadedness and difficulty breathing.

If you ever suspect a gas leak in your home, the first thing you should do is leave with your family and pets. The second is to call professional gas leak detection services. These professionals can confirm whether or not you have a gas leak, seal the leak to prevent further damage, and then help you get started with the gas line repair process immediately.

If you need gas leak detection in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, don’t hesitate; call Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc. at (828) 229-2727 immediately.