Clogged Sink Drain

Homeowners are very familiar with the sight of a clogged sink. Whether it is the garbage disposal, bits of food and other materials in the drain, hair in the bathroom sink, or any other potential scenario, a sink will be clogged at some point. There are times at which you can take care of that sink clog yourself. However, when you want it done quickly and efficiently, or you’re concerned that the frequency of clogs in the sink is indicative of a bigger problem, call a plumber. For a clogged sink drain in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, call (828) 229-2727.

Managing Clogs in the Sink

Person with Yellow Gloves Unclogging Sink with Plunger Clogged Sink Drain

Let a Professional Plumber Take Care of Your Clogged Sink Drain.

When your kitchen sink is clogged, you can try checking the garbage disposal. Sometimes, a problem with the disposal will affect the entire sink system. If your disposal is humming, but the blades are not running, it may be stuck on something or clogged. You can try turning off and unplugging the unit, and then use its jam key to get the object out. If this doesn’t work, messing with a disposal is a dangerous business, and should be left to a plumbing professional.

When it’s a standard clogged sink, you can always try snaking and plunging. It’s a dirty job, but sometimes it works well enough for you to have water draining normally. However, if you experience sink clogs often, or they never seem to be fixed fully, it is worth calling a professional. You may have a clog in the sink drain that you cannot reach or some other unseen problem.

A professional plumber can get into those hard-to-reach places where your basic drain snake cannot. Experts can also determine what problems you may have that you cannot see, but that are clogging your sink. Licensed plumbers have the training, experience, and tools to do a much better job than the normal homeowner. They can leave you with clean sink drains and pipes that will drain smoothly for a long time to come, leaving you with less time and energy to spend worrying about them.

When you have a clogged sink drain in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, don’t spend your valuable time and energy on the mess. Let us handle it. Our professionals can take care of that sink drain clog, no matter how stubborn it may be. Just call (828) 229-2727.