Clogged Shower Drain

Most, if not all homeowners do a little of their own plumbing once in a while. The common backed-up toilet, clogged drain, or malfunctioning kitchen garbage disposal sometimes merely require a plunger, some baking soda and vinegar, or a reset button push. However, there are bigger jobs for which they need some help. These little fixes don’t always get to the root of the problem, and suddenly that blocked drain won’t be unclogged with the normal measures. When your clogged shower drain in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC is beyond you, call (828) 229-2727 and we’ll handle the mess.

Shower Drain in Tan Tile with Draining Water Clogged Shower Drain

Call a Professional for That Clogged Shower Drain.

Going Deeper Into Your Shower Drain

Sometimes, your shower’s plumbing calls for more than the standard level of knowledge. The bottle of drain cleaner you usually use, packaged with the cheap, hooked snake to get that clump of hair out, just won’t do it. This is because those shower drain clogs are not always so close to the surface that you can reach them with the average tools. Over time, even as you regularly remove the larger clumps of hair from your shower drain, other things are collecting elsewhere, creating blockages in the shower drain pipe. It may be just below what you normally reach, or even further.

A licensed plumber is trained to do a more thorough job. Professionals have tools and an understanding of your shower plumbing system to which the normal homeowner does not usually have access. Their methods allow them to go beyond the common blockage and to the root of the problem to prevent future clogs as much as possible.

The Value of Hiring a Professional Plumber

While it may seem that doing it yourself saves money, that is only in the short term. Removing clogs in the shower drain a few times may be fine. However, when shower drain clogs become more frequent, it could be a sign of a larger problem. The longer these problems go unsolved, the worse they can become. If you hire a professional and have it done right the first time, you can save yourself greater effort and expense later.

When you’re weary of your clogged shower drain in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, and you want professional plumbing, call Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc. at (828) 229-2727.