LP Gas Heating System

For homes not connected to main gas lines, LP gas is a source of fuel for their heating systems. LP gas is often delivered and stored in a large tank outdoors. As such, it is a far less common source of fuel and heating system, but because millions still use this heating method, there is a need for someone to install and repair it. Call us at (828) 229-2727 for help with your LP gas heating system in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, today.

LP Gas Heating Overview

Liquefied petroleum gas (LP) is a fuel alternative. It makes a small percentage of energy in the U.S.; it’s a mixture of gases and contains either butane or propane. Gas heating systems work with either fans or radiant flooring. They can be made to heat the entire house or specific rooms. Though LP gas is the less common choice, it is still used in millions of American homes.

Large Grey and Blue Rural Gas Tank LP Gas Heating System

Let Us Help You with Your LP Gas Heating System.

LP gas heating usually consists of a boiler that heats water. Radiators then carry the heat, and the same system usually heats the home’s water supply, too. LP gas is an efficient fuel type. However, refueling usually involves delivery and significant storage space, which is another reason why it is less popular now for urban homes. Rural homes sometimes find the gas system efficient, however, and the modern ability to auto-order fuel makes it easier to maintain a supply. LP gas is also a clean fuel, emitting lower amounts of carbon than some other fuel types.

LP Gas Heating Installation and Repair

Like system, LP gas heating needs maintenance, and eventually repair. A heating professional is trained and certified to handle all of the common and uncommon heating systems, and that includes the lesser-used LP gas heating system. If you’re having trouble with your gas heating system, it is always best to call an expert because LP gas is highly flammable and you do not want to risk a fire or explosion due to an improperly-repaired system, or issue that was left to worsen.

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