Geothermal Heating

The benefits of geothermal heating in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC are extensive. Geothermal heating is an environmentally friendly, low-energy, and minimal maintenance heating solution that absorbs heat from the earth and distributes it to heat your home or office. These systems can far outlast a typical forced air system and can work efficiently up to 25 years for pump and mechanics and 50 for lines. To discuss whether geothermal heating is right for your Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC home, call us at 828-229-2727.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC


While geothermal heating is more expensive initially than common heating systems, the benefits are extensive.



According to the Department of Energy, Geothermal heating is a “highly efficient renewable energy technology” because it retrieves its energy from the Earth! There is no emittance of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses.


With a geothermal system, the typical energy savings is 30%-60% with water, heating, and cooling. The installation of a geothermal heating system in Franklin, NC also makes you eligible for certain federal and even state incentives. These money-saving offers can be found using sites such as, among others.

No Bulky Unit

With a geothermal system, there is no large, unattractive outside unit to worry about. Since there’s no unit, there is no noisy operation, no unit repair or replacement, and no vandalism or damage to think about.

What is a Geothermal Heating System?

Typically, geothermal units are closed loop, which means they circulate antifreeze through a closed underground loop.

Horizontal Closed Loop

Horizontal systems have pipes that are either laid on top of one another at about 4 ft and 6 ft underground, or they have two pipes next to each other at about 5 ft underground. While this system can take up a lot of area, the trenching for the project is shallow and comparatively simple.

Vertical Closed Loop

Geothermal System

These geothermal systems are buried with the length of the system going deep into the ground, usually 100 ft-400 ft. Vertical systems take up less area than a horizontal system but require much deeper digging.

Pond & Lake Loop

This system is only used when a significant water source is nearby and rests at the bottom of the water source.

Open Loop Systems

Open Loop Systems are ideal and use energy directly from a well. However, few modern homes have a large enough water supply close enough, and the construction of one could drastically offset the savings of the geothermal system.

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