Getting the Most From Your Outdoor Lighting

When you decide that your property could use more outdoor lighting, you may be surprised to discover all the options available. While many types of outdoor lighting are available in solar forms that are easily installed, these setups can quickly wear out and are easily damaged. For long-term outdoor lighting, permanent electrical systems are always best.

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Uplights and Tree Lighting

As we’ve seen in many yards, uplights sit close to the ground and shine upward onto the home to provide a beam effect up the home. These lights provide an elegant appearance and offer sufficient lighting in hard to reach areas like flower beds. Tree lighting uses the same lights, only directed up a tree trunk instead. While these lights are typically durable and long-lasting, they require substantial digging to bury lines.

Spotlights and Security Lights

As these types suggest, they provide a bright light down into the yard for maximum visual quality. While these models aren’t considered to be the most stylish option, they provide enhanced motion security as well as ideal lighting for outdoor activities.

Accent and Walkway Lighting

When just a splash of light is ideal, these smaller lighting systems provide accent lighting throughout your property and are available in multiple designs and styles. In fact, these light systems can protrude from the ground or be flush to provide the ultimate appearance. However, keep in mind that these lights require buried lines as well, so the further out from the home, the more costly the installation will most likely be.

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