Electrical Outlets & GFCI Plug Installation

It is the age of information and access to it continues to spread. We need electricity to access all of this information, and so it is more and more important to have plenty of electrical outlets to support this power need. From homes, to businesses, and beyond, people are in search of more electrical outlets for all of their devices and appliances. Call (828) 229-2727 for electrical outlets & GFCI plug installation in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC. We’ll get you plugged in.

Standard White Outlet on Red Wall

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Standard Electrical Outlets

The average electrical outlet is very familiar to most people; it is the dual outlet into which most people plug their appliances. The electricity functions by running through a hot wire to the outlet, and then powering whatever is plugged into that outlet before returning back to the neutral wire. For locations in which there is little or no risk of excess electricity and electrocution; you may find these standard electrical outlets in older buildings. However, some electrical codes require that new installations include GFCI outlets, and that the old ones be replaced, too.

GFCI Plugs

GFCI outlets function just like a normal electrical outlet. The difference is that they have a safety mechanism to prevent short circuit problems and electrocution. If you are using a faulty appliance, for example, and it has a short circuit, the electrical current could pass from it, to you, and shock you. It could also be a fire hazard. However, if the electricity flows beyond its intended point, the GFCI plug will trip and turn off the current. You have probably seen these outlets; they often have reset buttons in case the mechanism is triggered and power is suddenly cut off.

Outlet Installations

The most outlets are typically found in the kitchens and bathrooms at home, or in rooms meant for a TV. These are also the best places for GFCI outlets. On rare occasions, a person may be able to install a plug alone. However, this is not advisable. Installing electrical outlets, particularly new ones, or upgrading to GFCI plugs can involve complex electrical knowledge. If you need installations done, hire a professional electrician.

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