Walk-in Freezer Repair

A commercial walk-in freezer has the potential to contain thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory. Perishable food and other items that must be kept frozen are crucial to many in the food business, and other industries. If your walk-in freezer fails or is not working properly, it can be devastating for business; it could cost extreme amounts of money for the lost products, their replacements, and replacement of the broken walk-in freezer. That is why we are here for walk-in freezer repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC. Just call (828) 229-2727.

Industrial Freezer or Cooler Large and White Walk-in Freezer Repair

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Commercial Walk-in Freezer Problems

Among the possible walk-in freezer problems that you could encounter is a tripped circuit breaker. This, or a blown fuse, could indicate that you have wiring issues and your control panel needs attention. If you walk in and the temperature is too high in your freezer, there could be several causes; opening the door too often, excess frost on the evaporator, and too much inventory in the freezer are just a few causes of high temperatures in the commercial walk-in. When the motor runs constantly, this may mean you have a refrigerant leak; this allows cold air to escape. Ice build-up does not mean that your walk-in freezer is working properly. In fact, if your air vents and evaporator coils have ice, you may need professional repairs for your commercial walk-in freezer.

Walk-in Freezer Repairs

When your walk-in freezer needs maintenance or repair, you can’t afford to wait. The longer your freezer attempts to run with the problem, the worse it will become, and you could end up need a walk-in freezer replacement. You should call a commercial refrigeration contractor immediately, and it should be someone with thorough knowledge of commercial freezer and cooler repairs. If you are experiencing any problems with your walk-in freezer, trust the professionals at Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc.. We understand that a malfunctioning commercial walk-in freezer is a serious, urgent problem that needs strong, and fast service. Our professional contractors have the technical knowledge to solve your walk-in freezer problems.

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