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When to Replace the Air Conditioner in Your Home

When to Replace the Air Conditioner in Your Home

Signs You Need To Replace The Air Conditioner In Your Home.

Although air conditioner is quite the investment for your home, there will come a time when they will need to be replaced. But how exactly will homeowners know when to replace the air conditioner? Below are some signs to watch out for if you think your air conditioner is on the verge of replacement and you need to know when to replace the air conditioner.

Age of A/C

Typically, an air conditioner will only last ten years or fifteen years if it has been properly maintained. While you might not think your A/C needs to be replaced, if it’s older and needs more repairs, it’s probably time to upgrade.

Expensive Repairs

Repairs can be due to the age of the unit or because it hasn’t been well-kept, but regardless of why it needs repairs, the price of repairs will add up. It might be more beneficial to replace instead of funneling money into a unit that needs frequent repairs.

Air Conditioner Breaks Down Often

Why put up with an A/C unit that continually breaks down? Not only is it incredibly frustrating, but it’s expensive to keep investing money in the inevitable repairs it requires. Reduce expenses and stress with a replacement.

Not Efficient

We all want to save on energy costs, but that can be an issue when our air conditioners are operating properly. When an air conditioner is working harder than it should, but not putting out the temperatures you need to maintain coolness in your home, consider a replacement.

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Not Doing These Things Could Cause Air Conditioner Failure

 As a homeowner, you already know that regular maintenance to your to home vital in its proper function. We occasionally check the seals around sinks and toilets, as well as roofs and gutters. However, few homeowners properly maintain their air conditioning system. Regular air conditioner maintenance will ensure that your home is cooled efficiently and properly.

Change the Filters

Air Conditioner Unit

The first step in air conditioner maintenance is replacing the filter. Air conditioner filters can come in multiple performance levels and can have a lifespan that ranges from one month to up to six months. Whichever filter you choose, stick to the change schedule provided on the label. When filters get dirty, they begin to block air from the system which causes the system to not blow properly.


Check Drains, Coils, and Downspouts

These features are usually found in the attic or at the control site of the system. When coils get dirty, the compressor will have to work harder, causing it to fail in some cases. Clogged drains and spouts can cause condensation to back up and ma7y cause water damage within the home.


Remove Surrounding Vegetation

Grass, weeds, or flowers too close to the air conditioner unit can cause the intake fan to not draw in enough air, causing the fan to be at risk of failure. Make sure to clear at least a two-foot circumference around the unit.


Check Your Thermostat

Behind the control panel of your thermostat is located a sensor that tells your air conditioning unit when and how long to run. If this sensor is out of place, or if the thermostat is faulty, your A/C unit could run much longer than needed or not run enough. Faulty thermostats can cause big leaps in energy costs.


Annual Professional Evaluation

Have your air conditioning system evaluated by a professional yearly to ensure that all wiring, ducts, and refrigerant levels are in working condition. Preventative professional air conditioner maintenance can catch problems before they become big issues.


Preventative air conditioner maintenance can help your system last longer and work effectively, keeping your energy cost down. Use this annual checklist to ensure your A/C unit is in the best condition possible.

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