HVAC Blowers

Of the seemingly-innumerable parts needed to run your HVAC system, a blower is one that makes a noticeable difference when it does not work. It is an integral part of your system that helps move air through your ducts, and into and out of your home. For help with HVAC blowers in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, just call (828) 229-2727.

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What is a HVAC Blower?

HVAC blowers and fans are parts that move heated and cooled air through the ventilation system. Without them, you would not feel that cool air coming from the vents in summer, and the warm air in winter. Blowers can be attached to a wall as part of of the ventilation system. They can go above the ceiling, or in the duct system. These fans are powered by an electric motor; they move the air in a single direction when they run. HVAC fans and blowers are constructed for different levels of performance. They will offer various flow rates, media temperatures, etc.

Repairing and Replacing a HVAC Blower

You can take steps to maintain your current HVAC blower. A few tasks could extend the life of your blower and keep your home at the right temperature throughout many years. You can clean the fan blades to prevent fan interruptions. Check the motor belt for wear and tear, and lubricate the motor. Ask a HVAC professional to show you how to do any maintenance properly.

When you find yourself faced with HVAC blower problems, you can perform a few checks to find the source of the problem. Common blower issues include needing a reset when the motor overheats, or fan blades get stuck. A constantly-overheating motor will need to be checked by a professional. A broken belt is also one of the more common sources.

Any of these issues can be addressed quickly and professionally by a HVAC repair person, whether you need a repair or replacement. Any circumstance in which the motor has to be removed, for example, should generally be handled by a professional. The power to the motor must be turned off at the electrical panel, and sometimes the wiring must be examined. Tasks involving wiring configurations always call for HVAC expertise.

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