Commercial Air Conditioning

No business owner wants to see the day that their business is without AC on a hot summer day. When you need commercial air conditioning repair in Franklin, NC, look no further than our team of HVAC experts. We will work to get your business back to normal as quickly as possible. Call us today at 828-229-2727 for Franklin’s fastest, most reliable HVAC service.

Commercial HVAC Unit

Commercial air conditioning systems are bigger and much more extensive than residential units.

Why is Commercial Air Conditioning Different?

The commercial air conditioning system is much more complex than a typical residential system. Units are bigger and have more mechanical components that are located in one cabinet instead of two separate units like a residential system.

Single Vs. Multi

Commercial units come in two types- single zone units and multiple zone units. Single zone units are designed to keep every room the AC touches the same temperature, while multiple zone units can provide different temperatures to each predetermined zone. Single zone units work well for retailers and small offices where the temperature should be uniform, and multiple zone ACs work better in large, divided spaces like apartment complexes and large office buildings.

Constant Vs. Variable

Constant volume and variable volume refers to the way your unit cools. A constant air flow system uses a constant flow of air and changes the temperature in the building by changing the temperature of the blown air. A variable air flow system doesn’t use a steady flow of air but instead adjusts the airflow to heat or cool the building as needed.

Radiant Vs. Forced Air

Radiant units are typically older models and use water to heat or cool the air. Most modern systems are forced air and use duct work and fans to heat and cool the air temperature. In Franklin, NC, your commercial air conditioning expert can help you decide which system and accessories are best in your building.

Common Problems With Commercial Air Conditioning

As with any system, commercial air conditioning system sometimes needs repairs. Most commonly, the problems with commercial air conditioning in Franklin, NC are air flow and air quality issues which can be solved with a quick visit from an experienced technician. Sometimes, the problems are a little more serious and involve the inner components of the system like the capacitor or condenser coils. While these types of repairs may take a little more time, they are still routine for the professional HVAC tech.

No matter what the problem is, call our team of heating and cooling experts today at 828-229-2727 to complete your commercial air conditioning repair quickly to get your business running at full speed again.