Air Duct Sealing and Repair

Leaking air ducts are a common cause of energy bill increases. This is because it forces your system to use more energy to circulate the air through your home. Strong, sealed ducts are essential for your comfort and the proper function of your air system, as well as saving you from costly energy bills. For air duct sealing and repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC, call (828) 229-2727.

When Your Utility Bills Go Up, Call for Air Duct Sealing, Repair and Install.

Common Air Duct Problems

Leaks are possibly the most common problems with air ducts. When they lose air, they send that expensive cool air into other places in the house where it is wasted. Then, the return ducts gather unconditioned air into the system where you don’t want it. These leaks can be caused by a number of things, but are usually the result of age and poor maintenance. Sometimes, poorly designed duct systems leave you needing duct repair. Dirty and non-insulated ducts are also prone to problems, as well as a few other factors.

Knowing the Signs That You Need Duct Repair

Sometimes, it takes a professional AC and heating repair person to know for certain if you have duct problems. However, there are a few signs that this may be the issue. High utility bills without clear cause could be a result of duct damage. Some rooms may be harder to cool or heat than others. If your ductwork is in the attic or garage, that could affect airflow, as could visible tangles.

Repairing, Sealing, and Installing Air Ducts

Maintaining and installing air ducts are jobs best left to the professionals. They require a lot of difficult labor and knowledge. Whether your ducts need to be cleaned, their leaks sealed, or completely redone, call a professional. It is best to have someone review your ducts once or twice a year to keep them in the best possible shape for the longest time.

Whether you have air ducts in need of repair, leaky ducts that need to be sealed, or you need a new system of air ducts installed, we can do it. Call (828) 229-2727 today and have our experts come handle your air duct sealing and repair in Franklin, Cashiers, and Highlands, NC professionally.