4 Tips for a Better Performing A/C

As a homeowner, you probably already know that your air conditioner requires a certain amount of maintenance in the Spring and Summer including checking your refrigerant levels, inspecting your unit, and assessing your components’ condition. While these tasks are imperative to the operation of your unit, there are other, less thought of points that can boost your air conditioner performance levels, leaving you with lower energy bills.

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Keeping Your Air Conditioner Performance at its Highest Will Help Reduce Your Energy Costs.


Check Your Outdoor Unit for Debris

While you may have your unit checked regularly to ensure proper air conditioner performance, check it at least weekly for fallen debris such as leaves, dirt, or small branches that can inhibit the fan from working at its best.

Inspect Your Insulation and Pipes

As time goes by, your home’s insulation can begin to separate or weaken. Inspect your attic’s insulation for bare spots or weak or wet spaces that can cause warm air penetration and could be signs of more serious problems such as roof or plumbing leaks. Check your pipes for signs of damage that can cause refrigerant and cold air leaks, lessening your A/C’s cooling power.

Duct Checks

Inspect your duct system for dust build up, cuts, or other damages that can inhibit the distribution of your cool air. Ensure your ducts are free-flowing and not kinked or blocked by boxes or other debris. Repair any slits, cuts, or abrasions in your ducts to keep cool air where it should be.

Filter and Vent Care

Change your filters and clean the surface of your vents regularly to promote optimal air flow and keep your A/C cooling at its best. Clogged air filters can inhibit the production of cool air in your home, and dirty or dusty air filters can set your air distribution off-kilter, leading to uneven air flow.

If your energy bills are higher than you would like, try these tips to get the most from your A/C system. To learn more about how to keep your air conditioner working optimally or to learn more ways to boost air conditioner performance to save on cooling costs, call the Andrews Auld Heating & Cooling, Inc. experts at (828) 229-2727 to schedule a consultation.