4 Signs That You Need a Furnace Replacement

4 Signs That You Need a Furnace Replacement

4 Signs That You Need a Furnace Replacement.

Our furnaces play a huge role in the comfort of our homes. During the winter, a furnace is essential to keeping the inside of your home warm and cozy. WIthout a properly functioning furnace, your home could be without heat. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it’s important to know when to replace your home’s furnace. Knowing what signs to look for can save you from cold winter days and nights. Below are four signs that you need a furnace replacement.

Reached Life Expectancy

A furnace typically runs effectively for 16 to 20 years. If you have a furnace that is on the cusp of 20 years, it might be time to schedule a furnace replacement service with your local HVAC company.

Frequency of Repairs

A furnace that is in good condition should not need repairs very frequently. Yes, it is normal for your furnace to require repairs from time to time, but if you are needing repairs every other week, it’s time to replace your existing furnace for a newer model.

Increase in Heating Bills

One of the most common signs that you need a furnace replacement is when your heating bills surge. As homeowners, we want to be able to save money on energy bills. With a furnace that is working too hard, it can cause your furnace to run more than it really should. If this happens, you need to consider a replacement.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Your furnace should be providing consistent heat throughout all rooms in your home. If it’s hot in one room but really cold in the other, you should call a technician for an inspection. This could be an issue that will only be resolved with a replacement.

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