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Your home’s comfort is important to you and your family. You want a comfort system that will provide you with peace of mind and low operating costs for years to come.

The ground serves as a great solar collector storing heat energy from the sun. Just a few feet below the surface earth temperatures remain relatively constant and moderate all year long. A Geo-thermal heating and cooling system uses the earth as a free heat source during the heating season and a heat sink during the cooling season.

There are several ways this energy can be transferred from the earth to your home. Water can be circulated in a series of underground pipes to either take heat out during the winter or reject heat back into the ground during the summer. Piping can be routed horizontally in a series of trenches, dropped down and returned up in vertical wells, or placed in ponds or lakes below the surface. In each of these cases water is pumped from the home through the pipes and back to the home. While the water is being circulated in the piping system heat is being added to or taken away. This heated or cooled water is used to transfer energy to a refrigerant system not unlike a conventional heating and cooling system in your home.


Your home heat pump system sees very high outdoor temperatures in the summer and very low temperatures in the winter. These extreme temperatures cause wide variations in operating efficiences. A Geo-Thermal heat pump system excels is in it’s increased efficiency ratings all year long. Since the system sees relatively constant ground temperatures of 60 to 61 degrees at about four feet below the surface it does not experience the temperature swings at which normal systems have to operate.

Because of the extraordinary efficiency of a Geo-Thermal heat pump system, any added installation costs over an ordinary system are usually more than off-set by the monthly energy savings you will experience. In new homes most homeowners experience an immediate, positive return on their investment. In replacement installations costs are usually recouped within just a few years.

Geo-Thermal heat pump systems harness the free, renewable energy in your own backyard to heat and cool your home. Installing a Geo-Thermal heat pump system is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the road. Additionally, Geo-Thermal systems don’t burn fossil fuels or emit harmful greenhouse gases. The EPA calls Geo-Thermal systems the most environmentally friendly way to condition your home.

Using the stable temperature of the earth, Geo-Thermal heat pump systems provide consistent, comfortable heating and cooling. You can even regulate temperatures in different areas of your home with an optional Zone Control System. Geo-Thermal systems don’t require noisy outdoor units that can disturb your peaceful surroundings or clutter your home’s outdoor appearance. Because no fossil fuels are required there is no combustion, flames or fumes. There is no possibility of carbon monoxide gases being produced inside your home. No matter what climate you live in, a Geo-Thermal heat pump system can deliver heating and cooling as well as supplemental hot water for your home.

Heat and cool your home the smart way with a Geo-Thermal heat pump system using the clean, renewable energy found just below the earth’s surface. Geo-Thermal systems don’t rely on expensive, limited fossil fuels which negatively impact our environment. Thanks to energy efficiency ratings of 300% to 500% Geo-Thermal systems save many homeowners up to 70% in heating and cooling costs while helping to protect the environment. With outstanding energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility Geo-Thermal systems are the most practical, economical heating and cooling system for your home.